About Us

Welcome to The Vegan Club

While searching for a healthier lifestyle, we discovered the many benefits of the "plant based" diet, and now we enjoy the vast delicious tastes of the vegan cuisine for our health. This is how "The Vegan Club" dream was born. We have created some of the most delicious plates of food that we are proud to present to all. Hope you will enjoy it.

Creating The Vegan Club

793 Rathdowne Street in Carlton North is an old heritage building. When we first saw it we were shocked and walked away. The more we thought about it, the more we dreamt about it. We finally decided to go for it, so we put our heart and soul and worked towards creating our dream. The Vegan Club is now a reality. 

Our Values

Big or Small, Love Them All

Our friends belong in our hearts, not in our bellies. At The Vegan Club, we value the life of those we share our planet with, and believe that food can be both delicious and compassionate. The vegan diet is an ethical way of living, and provides benefits to both the health and the planet. We aim to bust the myth that "the vegan diet is restrictive", by bringing together a diverse menu full of delicious, hearty meals. We welcome everyone - vegan or not - to experience some plant based goodness. 

Our beloved family member Fluffy left us for doggie heaven on June 27, 2020.  He has donated his bowl to The Vegan Club, for all the other good boys and girls to enjoy a drink whilst passing by or visiting. 

The Vegan Club is dog friendly. We welcome all dogs and owners to enjoy some vegan deliciousness and a little sunshine...